Art Camps

Camps gives us a great opportunity to work on more time consuming projects like paper mache, clay, etc. Lots of art and lots of fun
Booking is essential!

Crazy Art with Mags at School

-extra Art classes
-after-school clubs

Dear customers! Please, note that online booking is available. To book an art class, camps, workshop, event or face painting please, go to Booking 🙂 . It is quick and easy. Thank you for booking online!

Join Crazy Art with Mags this Summer!!The best way for school break 🙂

Booking is essential!

5-7th July “Messy Art” 9-12 pm in Cahir Boys National School;  This workshop is suitable for our juniors aged 5-10;  €55

26-28th July “Summer with Art” 26th:9-12pm; 27-18th 10-2pm in Cahir Boys National School ; This 3 days camp is full of creative fun with painting, drawing,paper-mache, collage and
CLAY; Suitable for all  boys and girls aged 7+ ;  € 65

27-28th July “I can DRAW” 5-7 pm in Cahir Boys National School ; This workshop offer an excellent opportunity for beginners and advanced students to practice their drawing skills. Suitable for 8+ ;  € 30

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