About me

I’m Mags.
I’m extremely lucky to be able to incorporate my passion for painting into all aspects of my life.  I  have Masters Degree in Pedagogy and Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  Professionally I started working with children over 10 years ago and in my personal life  I’m a happy mum of 2 girls who are my biggest inspiration! I can see firsthand how important it is for children to experiment and express  themselves through art.

I have a big passion for painting. I paint every chance I get, which in today’s busy World is when the kids are in bed 🙂  it is a great way to Relax and forget the world.
Since I’ve started my adventure with Art I’ve became part of a community of amazing people from and  all around Cahir who gather every Saturday at Cahir Farmers Market. They are support and friendliness makes it a fantastic place to paint, chat and meet interesting people. You can find me there painting on literally anything, from flower pots, cake stands, to tiles 🙂

You can also look me up on Facebook: Mags Rudnicka

Thank you
Mags Rudnicka

Discover the magic of Art!!!!

Always with children